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Compound material
phenolic cloth laminate
phenolic paper laminate
Epoxy glass cloth laminate
Epoxy glass cloth laminate
Polyester resin plate
Melamine glass fabric
Rubber and plastic products
Insulating mica plate
carbon fibre
Insulating bar
Insulating tube
CNC machining
Insulation spacer
Insulation panel
Pultruded channels and angles
Insulation paper
Other insulation


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  Shanghai Huien Hardware Rubber Products Co., Ltd. rubber insulation material products, professional mold processing, plastic products processing, insulation materials research, development, manufacture and sale, with the company ten years of accumulated technology and R & D and innovation, and continuously developed for the needs of customers, the main products for all types ofinsulation grade laminate, compared with similar products with higher mechanical properties, high temperature resistance and electrical insulation performance, stable quality control has been the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai customer has been received,the long-term cooperation contract. For a long time we and Taiwan customers to maintain close cooperation, we hope that our business will be better able to developinto all areas (such as: USA, Germany, France), the introduction of some quality products and provide the sheet cutting, cutting, stamping, drilling, sawing, milling,carving, grinding, precision machining, car.

We from 2003 up to now we and most of the factory to maintain good communication and exchange, can be fast and stable supply of industrial raw materials. (such as:insulating paper insulating plate insulating tube bar insulation film) Shanghai warehouse inventories with insulating board (324030213026 LE FR4 G10 G11UPGM203 SMC GPO3), rubber and plastic products (PA POM PP PE UPE UPS PEEKPA66), insulation gasket, epoxy laminated glass cloth rod, epoxy laminated glass clothtube, phenolic cotton rod, phenolic laminated cloth tube, phenolic laminated paper tube etc..

If you need us to provide direct finished parts, then please provide drawings, we will give you provide free quotation and technical recommendations support. If you need any help please contact us, insulation material is we are familiar with the market, I believe we can offer you professional service.

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