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Compound material
phenolic cloth laminate
phenolic paper laminate
Epoxy glass cloth laminate
Epoxy glass cloth laminate
Polyester resin plate
Melamine glass fabric
Rubber and plastic products
Insulating mica plate
carbon fibre
Insulating bar
Insulating tube
CNC machining
Insulation spacer
Insulation panel
Pultruded channels and angles
Insulation paper
Other insulation


主要产品为B级复合绝缘材料(6630DMD、6520PM),F级复合绝缘材料(6641F-DMD)6630 DMD (B级),6641 DMD (F 级),6520 青壳纸(E级)快巴纸 红钢纸。


By the middle layer of polyimide films and on both sides of the paper (Nomex1 AmericaDu Bangzhi) composition, heat resistant grade H (180 ℃) soft composite material, has good mechanical properties, such as tensile strength and edge tear proof performance and good electrical strength. Its surface smooth, when the production of low-voltage motor using automatic line the machine can ensure trouble free NHN is mainly used forhigh heat resistance performance of motor slot, slot cover and interphase insulation, in addition can also be used as a transformer or other electrical insulation between layers

Red vulcanized fiber paper is paper processing a very high hardness. The finishedplate, roll, tubular etc.. The paper hard. Have good flexibility, wear resistance,corrosion resistance, heat resistance, mechanical strength, insulation performance and the mechanical processing performance. Product durability, light (lighter than aluminum) and beautiful. Base paper with high strength, low ash content and good water absorption performance. Red vulcanized fiber paper belongs to electricalinsulating materials, also called the insulating paper, materials imported wood pulp,with very high mechanical strength and electric strength. Surface smooth, rich tenacity.Can press various kinds of insulation gasket. Suitable for all kinds of transformers,electrical appliances, electronic industry

Is, by the middle layer of polyester film and its two sides of paper of Nomex heat resistant grade F (155 ℃) soft composite materials with good mechanical properties,such as tensile strength and edge tear resistant performance and good electricalstrength. Its surface is smooth, when the production of low-voltage motor for automaticassembly machine can ensure no fault. Mainly used for low voltage motor in thegroove, groove cover and interphase insulation, in addition can also be used as atransformer or other electrical insulation between layers。

The product is composed of a layer of polyester thin film coated with adhesive, apolyester non woven fabric composite, calendering and into a composite insulationmaterial products, referred to as DMD. Heat resistant properties of paper has good mechanical strength, dielectric properties and high DMD dielectric (B and F), Y series of motor type insulating material, can be used as a small slot insulation of motor, inter turn and inter layer insulation, insulation and insulation pad. Part of the thickness ofthe product has been widely sold to Europe and Southeast Asia market


Has the excellent properties:

Dielectric strength 2 mechanical toughness of 1 3 inherent thermal stability of 4chemical compatibility 5 low temperature properties of 6 of moisture insensitive 7radiation resistant 8 non-toxic / fire resistant reinforced transformer function to improve the motor life and reliability

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